Pleasant, Relaxing, and Therapeutic Massages

Tried and True, Yet Different Every Time.
The classic forms of massage help the entire body to relax. Muscle tensions vanish, the circulation of blood and lymph fluid is stimulated, while mental stress is alleviated. An invigorating treatment for both body and soul!

For our massages, we use only natural Alpine herbal oils, essences from Alpine flowers, and herbal extracts.

Alpine Whole-Body Massage:
With your choice of massage oils made from pure natural products.

With St. John's Wort Oil:
With a calming effect – ideal in treating exhaustion, sleeplessness, and nervous disorders.

With Rosemary Oil:
For muscle and nerve pains. Stimulates the circulation and invigorates.

With Arnica Oil:
Invigorating, fortifies the constitution, with spasmolytic properties.

Whole body 50 minutes € 63.00
Partial body 25 minutes € 41,00

Classic Partial Body Massage of Back25 min.€ 36,00
Classic Partial Body Massage of Legs25 min.€ 36,00
Classic Whole Body Massage50 min.€ 58,00
Classic Partial Body Massage Facial, Head and Neck
25 min.€ 36,00
Classic Partial Body Massage Stomach (for digestive discomfort)
25 min.€ 36,00
Classic Partial Body Massage Arms and Hands25 min.€ 36,00

Drainage Massage

Whole Body 50 min.€ 58,00
Face25 min.€ 36,00
Legs25 min.€ 36,00

Stimulating massage for the feet
with bath for the feet
50 minuti € 58,00
25 minuti € 36,00

Massage with herbal stamps 
The combination of the warmth, massage and the herbs has a positive impact on the whole organism. With the activation of the circulation, the metabolism gets stimulated and the muscles relax.
The goal of this massage is the pure and total relax, the rennovation of the energy and a well-kept skin.
50 minuti € 73,00