There are also a lot of other appealing destinations you can reach - conveniently and free of charge - with your Almencard Plus. Just hop aboard any one of the local transportation systems!

South Tyrol enjoys world-renown primarily as a land of magnificent mountains, with breathtaking summits, verdant meadows, serene Alpine lakes, and luscious green valleys. But besides that, there are also numerous cultural and historical tourist attractions. On one hand, the region boasts countless great museums covering a broad range of interests, from traditional folk culture, old mechanical typewriters, and vintage tractors, all the way up to important archeological finds. On the other hand, vacationers in South Tyrol can also visit numerous castles, fortresses, and estates.

Inside Tip: Sonnenberg Hotel guests enjoy all the advantages of the Almencard Plus and thus have free admission to more than 80 museums throughout South Tyrol. Embark on a journey of exploration, and learn more about the rich history of South Tyrol!