...Experience the power and benefit of the crystal-clear mountain water! Discover the verdant power of wild herbs and their many uses!

One of the well-known treatment methods with water is the renowned "Kneipp" therapy (developed by Pastor Sebastian Kneipp in the 19th Century). It consists of five basic kinds of treatment: Hydrotherapy, movement and phyto-therapy, as well as nutritional and structural therapy.

The principle of the Kneipp cold or warm water applications is based on a vital adaptation system. This refers to the inter-dependent temperature regulation systems of the body core and the body shell. The skin contains so-called thermo-receptors, i.e., nerve endings functioning as temperature sensors and reacting separately to both cold as warmth. If a section of skin is brought into contact with cold water, the blood vessels in it first contract in order to avoid losing valuable body heat. But after that, they expand significantly because the chilled section of skin must be heated up and restored to its normal temperature.

Kneipp's genius was in recognizing that water treatments on certain body parts will result in a reaction of specific organs. This makes it clear that, e.g., a cold treatment on a certain section of skin triggers not only a local effect on the musculature, but also on internal organs. But the external treatment with cold or warm water has an additional benefit. That's because – next to our kidneys and liver – the skin is one of our most important detoxification organs. The resultant increased circulation promotes the detoxification activity of the skin.

Several elementary components of the Kneipp Cure can also be carried out in the Altfass Valley / Val di Fassa and Meransen/Meranza. The new Alpine Meadow Kneipp Trail in the Altfass Valley in Meransen/Meranza offers an inviting opportunity to tread water in a meandering mountain brook. The Altfass Valley has four stations where the therapeutic treatments developed by Sebastian Kneipp can be carried out.