The use of poles turns a mere walk into a session of exercise in which the upper-body musculature, too, gets a real work-out. Nordic Walking is suitable both for practiced athletes and out-of-shape couch potatoes.

Walking is a form of exercise characterized by cyclic movements. The right pole is always in contact with the ground when the left heel lands and the left pole when the right heel lands. Each pole is thrust backwards at a slight angle; the poles are to always be positioned below the body's center of gravity, i.e. when taking strides, in the vertical body axis.

Meransen/Meranza boasts innumerable Nordic Walking trails: You can walk through the idyllic village itself, stride along the Grossberg Brook into the Altfass Valley / Val di Fassa, or march across the area's many meadows and fields. There's something for everybody.

Inside Tip: Sonnenberg Hotel guests are entitled to borrow walking poles free of charge!!!