Hand & Feet
Hand in Hand and on Foot

Pedicure€ 43,00
with foot peeling and pack€ 57,00
Manicure€ 38,00
with hand peeling and pack€ 52,00
Painting fingernails€ 10,00

Permanent nail varnish - without drying time, thin like normal nail varnish, strong like gel, long-lasting up to 3 weeks.
Surcharge: € 20,00
Removal of permanent nail varnish: € 10,00
(Only in combination with manicure or pedicure)

Depilation with warm wax

Upper lip or chin€ 11,00
Arms€ 18,00
Half leg€ 28,00
Entire leg€ 33,00
Bikini zone€ 16,00
Underarms€ 16,00
Back or chest (for men)€ 22,00

Around the eyes

Regulation of the eyebrows€ 12,00
Dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows€ 22,00
Dyeing of eyelashes€ 16,00
Dyeing of eyebrows€ 12,00