Soft and Satiny Skin…

Alpine Mountain Salt Peeling
Alpine Mountain Salt Peeling liberates your skin from dead skin cells, stimulates your micro-circulation, and enhances the overall skin appearance. Your skin will feel soft and satiny.
25 minutes € 32.00

Hay Peeling
The Alpicare® hay peeling cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates tissue regeneration and leaves the skin looking cleaner, clearer and more luminous.
25 minutes € 32.00

Aromatique Corps ”Whole Body Treatment"
A Good Figure, Firm Body, and Supple Skin…
It’s what everyone dreams of!
Aromatique Corps is a 100% natural body treatment with essential oils and manual massage.
The results: Your legs are not as swollen, but instead feel marvelously light.
Your skin is firmer and your figure more defined.
You can choose between:
-light legs
-Anti cellulite

60 minutes € 71.00