Mary Cohr selected three especially effective essential oils (lavender, sage, and rosemary) which ideally complement each other. This exclusive combination of substances is contained in every essential crème. Beside these three essential oils, each essential crème also contains specific active agents corresponding to the needs of individual skin types.

Beauté Aromatique
“Enhancing Your Facial Beauty and Energizing Your Skin”
A wonderful journey to enhanced beauty. It takes only about 50 minutes, during which time you can benefit from the effects of the essential oils applied by the skilled hands of our cosmetic expert:
Manual massage together with the essential oils selected according to your individual preferences and beauty goals. A mask with phyto-concentrates appropriate to your individual skin type is the crowning conclusion.
(Without cleansing & eyebrow regulation)

50 minutes € 65,00

Eye repair

40 minutes € 60,00

Catio Vital Visage
It’s a deep cleansing treatment, customized for all skin types and ages. It replaces the traditional facial cleansing using the most advanced methods. Your skin will breathe again and your face will glow with a beautiful splendour and the next treatments will have greater advantage.

75 minutes € 85,00

Age repair 
This highly effective anti-aging facial treatment is designed to reduce the signs of aging without the use of harsh moisturizers. Repairs and prevents aging.

75 minutes € 95,00

Dermo Peel

75 minutes € 95,00