mary Beauty – the Natural Way…
Mary Chor has developed natural skin-care products using no genetically-modified organisms and containing no parabenes so that the active agents contained in the plants can act upon your skin more effectively. The special combination of essential oils invigorates sensitive skin, energizing it and making it glow.
bergila Spruce Oil Distillery and Herbal Garden – Where we produce our own essential oils and herbal products.
The Healing Powers of Alpine Nature…
The herbs grown here are from our own certified organic cultivation. All of the work – from the harvest to filling – is done manually so as to maintain the natural energy of the plants. The first-class quality of our products is the result not only of 95 years of experience in this field, but also the manufacture and harvesting of these products in harmony with the phases of the moon as elucidated by Maria Thun.
logolejardin Les Jardin de Sens – The Garden of the Senses
Pernici – A family operation founded in 1892. New scents and aromas are born here every year. Only the very finest aromas formulated according to traditional recipes are used. The massage candles are all hand-made, and are produced in a long, carefully controlled process.