Sonnenberg– Wellness Massage
“Les Jardin de sens” is a roller coaster ride for the senses, a ritual consisting of several pleasant stages – all on the way to rediscovering your inner self and enhancing your sense of well-being. The key to this application is a massage candle. Once ignited, it releases a wonderful scent and begins to slowly dissolve into its constituent components of 100% biological plant substances forming a soft creme which can be applied to the skin and used to administer an especially pleasant massage. The special oils it contains are very skin-compatible, making your skin supple and smooth.

You can choose from the various different available aromas for your preferred massage candle

50 minutes € 66,00

Energetic Massage
The “Hot Stone” massage technique is a traditional therapy of the Arizona Indians. Heated lava rocks are placed on the body’s special energy centers, and your body is then massaged with gentle stroking motions. The heat of the stones relaxes your muscles, waste products are carried away, and the circulation is stimulated.

75 minutes € 84,00

Warm compress massage with mountain herbs
The body is massaged with heated compresses composed of alpine herb essences. The warmth of the herbal compresses revitalizes the body, energies begin to flow, blockages are loosened and self healing powersa are awaking.

50 minutes € 73,00

Dorsalis - Back massage
This treatment includes a relaxing, very effective back massage and a “hot roll” based on Dr. Kneipp’s method to relax the muscles. This is followed by a glass cupping massage and an extremely deeply relaxing singing bowl massage. This treatment gets energy flowing again and releases blockages.

50 minutes € 68,00

Tibetan Sound Bowl Massage
A very relaxing treatment with sound bowls. The Tibetan monks still use this in monastries to put people into a trance. Joints and muscles are freed from blockages and tension through gentle vibrations.

50 minutes € 62,00
30 minutes € 42,00