Treatments for children and youths up to 14 years of age can be reserved and – if desired – can be carried out in the presence of the parents.

Wellness Massage
Body massage with children's oil containing especially relaxing ingredients.
25 minutes € 27.00

Tibetan Sound Bowl Massage for children
A very relaxing treatment with sound bowls. The Tibetan monks still use this in monastries to put people into a trance. Joints and muscles are freed from blockages and tension through gentle vibrations.

25 minutes € 32,00

Facial Treatment
A facial treatment appropriate to the special needs of younger skin.
50 minutes € 45.00

Glitter Star
Application of nail polish to the fingernails and toenails with little decorations or rhinestones.
approx. 10 minutes € 5.00

Chocolate Prince & Chocolate Princess
What a fabulous bathing experience – covered in chocolate from head to toe for the ultimate in skin care. And the great scent lasts for hours!
20 minutes € 33.00

Strawberry Bath
Dedicated to the young skin.
20 minutes € 33.00