Snowshoe walking is not only a means of moving around in winter, it also combines sport and nature in a very simple manner and can be handled by everyone without much effort. It is a new perspective of how to experience the winter. A walk with snowshoes allows you to experience the mountain world with a different intensity and from a different angle. Many expressions, yet all are the same. A gentle adventure on snowshoes. Under this motto you will discover our most beautiful lookouts, you will experience the silence of the forest, always keeping an eye out for tracks made by local wild animals. Here, “the peak is not the goal” but the experience of nature and environment and enjoyment of the unique peace, which will draw everyone into its spell. Whether as a group or an individual, everyone can participate in the safe and gently snow shoe walking, even without any great degree of fitness.

Our ancestors used snowshoes or snow tyres, to reach remote animal feeding stations or mountain huts. A snowshoe has a larger walking surface than a shoe and therefore doesn’t sink as deeply into the snow. An energy saving walking is therefore possible over longer distances. Today’s snowshoe is made of modern materials and equipped with a flexible binding. This makes it so very easy to rediscover the winter landscapes. It doesn’t need any prior knowledge, only a little physical condition.

In the Pfunderer Mountains, around the Gitschberg and Jochtal, as well as the Rodenecker Alm, this trend sport is gathering more and more fans.
Recommended are half-day tours in calm, relatively solitary areas. The optimum walking time for a pleasure tour should not exceed three hours. A tour offers the best options of letting the environment have an effect on the person. Sometimes you can also watch the animals, however in times of deep winter, these should be disturbed as little as possible.

One walk, for example, leads through the snowy countryside of the Rodenecker Alm up to the Astjoch at an altitude of 2,164 meters. The panoramic view into the Eisacktal and up to the highest peaks of the Dolomites, as well as the ice giants, is the reward for this eventful tour.

In the region of the Gitschberg you can also walk up to the Zassler Hütte, with the snowshoes, the Plattspitze (2.672 m), or the Moser Hütte. The more demanding walker will find satisfying tours around the Fane Alm and the Brixner Hütte.

Snow shoe hiking with a mountain guide
Several times a week, guided snowshoe hike through a pristine winter wonderland led by a mountain guide.

Those preferring to walk a tour with an examined mountain and ski guide can contact our mountain guide Tobias Fischnaller who knows the mountains around Gitschberg and Jochtal like the pockets of his pants. Information under telephone 0039 335 7107114 or on his Internet page

Basic equipment for snowshoe walking:
Good hiking boots, weatherproof clothing, provisions (drink, best is hot tea), ski poles.
If you don’t have your own snowshoes, you can rent these in the holiday region Gitschberg Jochtal:
Erlebnisskiverleih Leitner (ski rental place) in Vals, valley station Vals/Jochtal, Tel. +39 0472 547 221