Southtyrol Hay-bath
The hay bath is a time-honored method of healing. The hay for our traditional hay baths is harvested from our unfertilized Alpine meadows. According to regulations, 40 different herbs and/or wild flowers must grow on every 50 square meters of meadow. The most important therapeutic herbs to be found in the hay include: Lady's Mantle, Rampion Bellflower, Alpine Yarrow, Wormwood, Self-Heal, Gentian, Speedwell (Veronica), Pulsatilla, Arnica, Alpine Valerian, Primrose, Ranuncula, and Soapwort.
This bath can alleviate rheumatic complaints. It stimulates the circulation, relaxes strained or tense muscles and tendons, and encourages the secretion of health-giving hormones. Additionally, it alleviates chronic inflamed processes (helps against degenerative disorders of the locomotive system). It helps the body to rid itself of waste products and fortifies the immune system.

Price per bath (approx. 25 min.) € 40.00

Pure Regeneration
Enjoy a nourishing and relaxing bath experience. The bath supplies important minerals and vitamins while rehydrating the Skin.

Price per bath (approx. 25 min.) € 40.00

Alpine Fango Vitalis Dr. Joseph
Alpine mud with mountain pine: It has a toning and strengthening action – an excellent starting point for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Price per bath (approx. 25 min.) € 40.00

Vital Packeg Sonnenberg
Bodywrap of own choice
Detox liver pack
Partial body massage

80 minutes € 98,00

Soft and Satiny Skin…

Alpine Mountain Salt Peeling
Alpine Mountain Salt Peeling liberates your skin from dead skin cells, stimulates your micro-circulation, and enhances the overall skin appearance. Your skin will feel soft and satiny.

25 minutes € 35,00

Hay Peeling
The Alpicare® hay peeling cleanses the skin in depth, stimulates tissue regeneration and leaves the skin looking cleaner, clearer and more luminous.

45 minutes € 55,00

Our Spa Recommendation:
For a perfect bathing experience, take first a body peeling and then a massage.

Bath with peeling€ 59,00
Bath with massage€ 65,00
Bath with peeling and massage€ 93,00

Aromatique Corps ”Whole Body Treatment"
A Good Figure, Firm Body, and Supple Skin…
It’s what everyone dreams of!
Aromatique Corps is a 100% natural body treatment with essential oils and manual massage.
The results: Your legs are not as swollen, but instead feel marvelously light.
Your skin is firmer and your figure more defined.

75 minutes € 85,00