Tyrolean Shale Oil Bath
A bath of peacefulness and relaxation. The Tyrolean petroleum is obtained from 180-million-year-old oil shale. Bathing in Tyrolean oil shale has a positive influence upon one's joints, alleviates back pain, and can have a favorable effect on skin problems.

Healthy bath with thyme 
Among therapeutic herbs, thyme is a veritable jack-of-all-trades. There is hardly any complaint or disorder for which thyme cannot provide relief. However, its achieves the most impressive results when used to address respiratory ailments.

Relax bath with lavender
Enjoy the pleasant scent of this plant. It has a relaxing effect and a pleasant perfume of freshness.
Recommended for inner restlessness, insomnia and skin problems.

Soothing bath with Rose and Milk
A sensuous bath. A blessing for body and soul. Suitable for all skin types and has a calming, purifying, and relaxing effect on sensitive or inflamed skin.

Price per bath (25 minutes) and per person: € 37,00

Bath for two

- Soothing bath for two of own choice
- Relax with Prosecco

Price for two person (50 minutes): € 65,00